Youth Development

Leadership Game for Teens

Have you ever noticed how much teenagers lead on a daily basis? Whether they are navigating their way through middle and high school, joining student organizations or sports, organizing social activities, or negotiating with their parents for a later curfew, when it comes A being a teenager, leadership is a matter of life. The challenge is teens don’t always get to express their natural leadership abilities, and those that do, don’t always have good examples to follow so they can grow and develop. Learn more …

Youth MAX

YouthMAX is a program focused on leading and engaging youth in learning to apply practical and relevant leadership values and principles to their everyday lives. Activities are designed to reinforce learning outcomes and help students develop the skills necessary to build strong relationships and add value to others. Learn more to book your event …


Dr. Yam is an active member of Toastmasters International. In fact, her first experience with Toastmasters was while she was in high school serving as a student council officer. The learning she gained from that interaction never left her. She recognized how it impacted her life and wants to provide similar opportunities to youth in her community and beyond. Read more…

Teens Path To Purpose

“Your purpose can be as simple, and as powerful, as a short sentence.”

Listen to Dr. Yam maximize a moment with Milton Herrington of MaxMo Podcasts

Path4Teens™ is a program designed to challenge, inspire, and equip youth for lives of purpose and achievement. By helping youth identify their personality type, core values, key talents, vision and mission in life, Path4Teens™ is a significant enhancement over existing character development training programs. Learn more to book …


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