Instructional Tech and Blended Learning

Instructional Tech and Blended Learning

“Helping teachers and leaders use digital strategies and resources at high levels of effectiveness while engaging students”

Time To Integrate!

Pedagogy First! Technology Second 🙂

Starts with Leadership

Having digital devices at the disposal of students and teachers are just the beginning of a long-term effective implementation of instructional technology.

With our Remedy Coach™, we provide job-embedded professional development that is designed to the individual school’s goals and objectives.

During visits, we conduct learning walks, analyze data and establish next steps to support teaching and learning using the digital resources and strategies that can build capacity with all stakeholders and see and hear the visible change.

In the Classroom

Our Remedy Coach™ works directly with classroom teachers and PLCs to strengthen this knowledge and practice both in designing lessons and delivering instruction that is engaging, meaningful and relevant to students.

Blended Learning 101

Blended learning, when done right, has the potential to infinitely expand student learning and engagement while reshaping the role of the teacher in exciting ways. If you’re new to the term, the Blended Learning 101 Infographic below offers a brief overview of blended learning. You may find you’ve already been creating a “blended classroom” without even realizing it. But once you understand the basics, you can delve even deeper into blended learning and refine your approach to maximize student learning.

We offer coaching and custom work session to assist schools and districts reach their instructional strategic goals.

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