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“It’s about relationships”

Time To Lead!

Leadership is a series of decision making moves. Leadership coaching with our Remedy Coach™ focuses on the specific knowledge and skills required for principals in both turnaround and high performing school setting to make informed decisions to bring systemic and sustainable change. Everyone has room to grow. The critical components of coaching are that it is goal based and feedback is goal-related using a combination of cognitive coaching methods (Costas and Garmston)  and learning focused conversations (Lipton and Wellman, 2007). Throughout the course of the school year, a predetermined number of on-site and virtual sessions are facilitated with principals and their leadership team that are aligned with the school’s improvement plan goals.

Just A Whisper Away!

Learning is only half the process, applying is the other. But we don’t let you do it alone, at least not at first. Remedy Whisper Coaching™ is our expansion of the on-site coaching cycle where your coach takes on the “guide on the side” role while the instructional leader tries the leadership moves identified in their action plan. Feedback and suggestions are provided using Bluetooth technologies.

Virtual Coaching

Face to face sessions held on site allow for the coaching relationship between the Remedy Coach and the instructional leader/team. We offer a blended approach to support the needs of the school. We use a video conference platform provided by the school, Skype or alike to continue the coaching cycle and follow-up in between visits. Sessions are 90 minutes in length. This offers a cost-effective way to meet the needs of the school while staying within budget.

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