Teens Path To Purpose

“Your purpose can be as simple, and as powerful, as a short sentence.”

“Path4Teens™ is having a positive effect on students and school campuses. With a mission and a purpose in life, students are more tolerant and less violent. Dropout rates are down, and career planning and college preparation are up.”

What is Path4Teens™?

Path4Teens™ is a program designed to challenge, inspire, and equip youth for lives of purpose and achievement. By helping youth identify their personality type, core values, key talents, vision and mission in life, Path4Teens™ is a significant enhancement over existing character development training programs.

This program is designed for all youth: gifted, special needs, honor, athletes, and those at-risk. The course inherently promotes flexibility in delivery models and instructional styles so that it fits a wide variety of teen-focused environments: academic, clubs, athletics and social services. Our program can be stand alone or integrated into initiatives such as Summer Bridge programs for 5th and 8th graders, senior capstone workshops, alternative school transitions, first year college programs, grants and more. All lessons are written with enrichment and are attached to Department of Education Academic Teaching Standards.

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The step by step process of answering the questions. . .

Who am I? Where am I going? How am I going to get there?

. . . leads each student through a 10-minute online personality profile and the development of a personal vision statement and mission statement. Once the youth have their vision and mission, they will be taught eight key action skills that will help them succeed in this and in any endeavour with great meaning and purpose.

“Path4Teens engages students’ hearts with their studies while exciting them about a positive future!”

Personality Profile

This personality test, based on the Path Elements Profile (PEP™), has been applied in corporate America with great success and now has been adapted to reveal each youth’s unique personality type.

  • Uses the classic elements of earth, wind, fire, and water to define who they are
  • Details the strengths and challenges of each element
  • Shows how to respect individuals with different elements
  • Specifies how to interact with others
  • Allows you to understand why you get along great with some and not so great with others

Personal Vision Statement

Through a series of constructive exercises, each youth will envision and describe in great detail a positive future for her/his life.

Personal Mission Statement

Youth participants will write a customized mission statement which is derived from a host of interactive exercises. The mission statement, which consists of a proven formula of three action verbs and a core value, will clearly define how they can live out their vision with meaning and purpose.

“Each student will begin to have a personal focus and value for her/his life!”

Four Areas of Development

The Path4Teens training helps each youth to discover their unique gifts, talents and natural tendencies. Through the interactive process, each student will begin to recognize her/his own individual leadership capacity, career inclinations, character values and interpersonal skills. It will further cultivate in each student an academic focus and the personal confidence to exhibit these traits and to become who they were meant to be. These include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Career Development
  • Character Development
  • Interpersonal Development

Today’s Tools for Tomorrow’s Leaders

We provide a personal experience for teens who may feel uncertain about their future or unclear about their purpose. Self-understanding provides the key to unlocking a youth’s destiny. Good communication is the key to better relationships with friends, family and others who cross one’s path.

Program Source: Laurie Beth Jones is the internationally acclaimed author of The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life, The Four Elements of Success, and creator of The Path Elements Profile (PEP™), the foundation for this learning experience.

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