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Entrepreneurship exists to improve society by identifying gaps and filling them.

Synergy Solutions recognizes first-hand the opportunities and oppositions of starting a business. Dr. Yam has a natural passion to help others to have a similar or better experience in becoming the next success story in the world of business. From that “Dreams To Launch” was initiated to provide a support and service platform for aspiring solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs.  The Synergy team applies John Maxwell leadership principles to guide our thinking and discourse throughout because we recognize that with any good business, it starts with leadership. Dreams to launch is centered around four core actions: Dream, Learn, Launch and Grow.

Individuals can join an accountability group or secure personalized 1:1 coaching support to get their business from Dream to Launch.


– where your thoughts, fears and desires begin


– how the power of conversation, seminars and accountability groups shape your plan


– your hard work has paid off, time to get your business started and celebrate!


– each day in business is an opportunity to improve and sustain and coaching support provides support

There are opportunities to plug into any of our engagement opportunities that occur regularly; wherever you are in the process of getting to your business launch. We make it fun and doable! Seminars/Work Sessions, Vision Board Gathering, Ask the Expert/Entrepreneurs Open Mic Nights, Masterminds, Group Coaching/Accountability, Launch Celebrations, and then 1:1 Coaching to keep you going and growing.

We have designed events based on our own team’s experiences and some we wish we had. Local community and industry experts will offer their perspective so you can learn from those that have been down that road already – thus freeing you from frustration (well at least minimize). Not to mention you will meet like-minded individuals and make new friends. There is nothing more satisfying than being your own boss.

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We have an active group in the Fort Lauderdale Area. Coming soon: an all virtual group late Spring 2018 and Summer 2018 a group in greater Orlando area.

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Dreams To Launch Coaching

Is coaching right for you? Consider coaching if:

  • You are committed to your entrepreneurial journey and to your success
  • You want to base your business on a solid foundation of personal values, vision, and purpose
  • You are looking for accountability, support and a framework for achieving your goals
  • You know that creating a sustainable business depends on authenticity and alignment
  • You want to define success on your own terms
  • You have all of the ingredients and need to determine how much and in what order they are put together to make the best possible recipe for success
  • You are ready to raise the bar and bring more prosperity (cash!) into your life

Checked any or all of the above? Keep reading!

Dream To Launch Coaching is meant for the person who is committed to creating a thriving, successful business. We focus on where your business is currently or formulating a new one; evaluate what’s working and what’s not; determine goals, and create an action plan. The partnership tends to be a coaching/consulting hybrid, meaning that Dr. Yam uses a coach approach to helping you build your business while incorporating she experiences and resources when they are in service to your goals.

Dr. Yam offers coaching via Skype or phone for clients located anywhere in the world, as well as in-person sessions for residents of the Broward (limited), Orange, Seminole and Volusia County.

Our relationship begins with a D3 approach:

  • Discover
  • Determine
  • Deploy