Personality Insights DISC® Individual and Team Assessment

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A DISC assessment is a quick and simple way for you to determine your personal style. You answer a questionnaire where there are no right or wrong answers – just your choices based on how you see yourself. A DISC Assessment is also commonly called a DISC test or a personality test. We do not prefer to call it a personality test, because it is not a pass or fail situation. Again, there are no right or wrong answers – just choices that you make.

A DISC profile is a personalized report that is created by our system based on the answers you provided in your DISC assessment. It provides insights into your personal strengths, your preferences in communication and your behavioural traits. DISC profile reports are available that range from concise formats (6-pages) to extended formats of 30-50 pages or more of feedback. Our profiles are carefully designed to be positive and encouraging to help you be your best!

Describing Each Personality Style  (4 Different Types – 4 Different Priorities)

As mentioned before, we will add the descriptive terms to the diagram. Notice the letters D, I, S and C appear in the 4 quadrants of the circle in the diagram below. You will also notice that descriptive terms have been added in each of the 4 corners of the diagram.

D-I-S-C Descriptive Terms

Now we can further describe each of the four main personality styles:

The Dominant “D” type – An outgoing, task-oriented individual will be focused on getting things done, accomplishing tasks, getting to the bottom line as quickly as possible and MAKING IT HAPPEN! (The key insight in developing a relationship with this type person is RESPECT and RESULTS.)

The Inspiring “I” type – An outgoing, people-oriented individual loves to interact, socialize and have fun. This person is focused on what others may think of him or her. (The key insight in developing a relationship with this type person is ADMIRATION and RECOGNITION.)

The Supportive “S” type – A reserved, people-oriented individual will enjoy relationships, helping or supporting other people and working together as a team. (The key insight in developing a relationship with this person is FRIENDLINESS and SINCERE APPRECIATION.)

The Cautious “C” type – A reserved, task-oriented individual will seek value, consistency and quality information. This person focuses on being correct and accurate. (The key insight in developing a relationship with this individual is TRUST and INTEGRITY.)

Summarizing the DISC Traits

To summarize the DISC Model of Human Behavior (in clockwise order):

  • D stands for the DOMINANT Type which is OUTGOING and TASK-ORIENTED.
  • I stand for the INSPIRING Type which is OUTGOING and PEOPLE-ORIENTED.
  • S stands for the SUPPORTIVE Type which is RESERVED and PEOPLE-ORIENTED.
  • C stands for the CAUTIOUS Type which is RESERVED and TASK-ORIENTED.

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